Mastering WhatsApp for Sales and Lead Generation: Top 10 Strategies

published on 13 October 2023

It is unlikely to come across someone who hasn’t heard of WhatsApp.

Yes, we are talking about the most popular messaging platform that boasts a global user base of 2.44 billion users.

Of late, WhatsApp has become much more than just a messaging app. With its innovative array of features like media sharing, shops, and communities, the platform has opened extensive possibilities for businesses.

From small business owners to large-scale corporations, companies of all sizes are actively using WhatsApp to stay in touch with their audience. The immensely user-friendly and intuitive platform has also become a preferred business tool for improving sales and lead generation.

In today’s blog, we will explore the top 10 strategies that brands can use to master WhatsApp for sales and lead generation along with some actionable tips to get started.

Understanding the Importance of WhatsApp for Sales and Lead Generation

Did you know that WhatsApp’s open rate is 98% and the click-through rate is 45-60%?  This is approximately five times more than the average numbers for email and SMS. Staggering numbers, right?

WhatsApp has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to connect with a global audience and scale their operations. There are plenty of reasons why businesses should deploy WhatsApp into their customer service channels. The most significant ones are listed below:

· Free and accessible

WhatsApp is an OTT messaging platform that allows users to exchange texts and media via the internet. The incredible platform lets users connect to people from different countries for free.

Unlike mobile carriers that charge highly for international roaming, WhatsApp is totally free of cost. This enhances the platform’s accessibility while allowing businesses to seamlessly communicate with a global audience and generate leads.

· Simple and Intuitive

WhatsApp is a simple and easy-to-use platform that does not require any formal training to get started. The design of the app makes it pretty convenient for users to communicate in real time. This facilitates higher adoption, making it an ideal platform for boosting customer support.

· Asynchronicity

While business phone services can offer advantages like excellent call quality, seamless integration, and compliance features, they may occasionally present challenges when dealing with communication across multiple time zones.

In contrast, WhatsApp, with its asynchronous messaging and widespread accessibility, excels at bridging geographical gaps and facilitating global communication.

This means sales teams can send texts or voice messages to prospects without demanding instant responses. The prospects can read and react to these at their own convenient time. 

To boost startup revenue using generative AI, consider leveraging these asynchronous communication capabilities for more efficient outreach and engagement.

· Pro-Business Features

WhatsApp offers two types of marketing solutions for companies: WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. The former is ideal for smaller companies that want to organize their presence on the platform.

WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, offers several additional capabilities, making it ideal for medium and large-scale corporations.

WhatsApp Business API Vs WhatsApp Business App
WhatsApp Business API Vs WhatsApp Business App

10 Ways to Use WhatsApp for Sales and Lead Generation

1. Broadcast Promotional Messages on WhatsApp📢

WhatsApp messages have a 98% open rate. Sending bulk WhatsApp Marketing messages & offers on WhatsApp is the best way to reach a wide audience & boost your sales.

Bulk broadcast UNLIMITED WhatsApp promotional messages to opted-in users on WhatsApp like discount offers, promotions on festivals, product launch messages, season-end-sale & much more to 3x your business’ sales & conversions.

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Promotional Messages on WhatsApp
Promotional Messages on WhatsApp

2. Install WhatsApp Button on your website

Several brands integrate live chat options on their website as the default way for customers to reach out. However, this approach has significant drawbacks as it increases the customer wait time.

Using WhatsApp Button on your website is an excellent way to address the issue. Unlike traditional live chat options, WhatsApp lets you keep the conversation going. It offers more personalized customer support and collects leads by directing customers to a channel they love.

  Image: Source
  Image: Source

AiSensy offers a live chat solution that allows multiple agents or customer support team to interact with customers simultaneously on WhatsApp. This can enhance customer support capabilities and provide timely assistance.

3. Create a WhatsApp QR code

Most businesses nowadays solely focus on digital channels. They completely negate the potential of print media to make an impact, which is a huge mistake.

Including a WhatsApp QR code on your printed marketing collaterals, from a brochure to a postcard, is a great way to secure leads. The QR code provides customers with a straightforward next step that they must take to connect with your brand. You can also use a QR code to encourage people to join a contest that may boost engagement.

Using the same tool, you can generate a WhatsApp Link as well that can be shared across all your socials, effectively directing leads directly on WhatsApp.

  Image: Source
  Image: Source

4. Try out click-to-WhatsApp ads

Click-to-WhatsApp ads are an innovative publicizing format on Instagram and Facebook that leverages the best of both social media and messaging platforms’ capabilities. These ads feature a ‘WhatsApp’ button as the CTA, instead of the traditional website link.

This is a new way of advertising on social media platforms that renders promotional campaigns more conversational, leading to qualified lead generation. Whenever a prospect views an ad on social media, he/she doesn’t have to figure out a way to contact your business. They can simply hit the call to action button to talk to a customer service representative on WhatsApp.

Using AiSensy, you can create, run as well as track your Click to WhatsApp Ads campaign; all under one single platform.

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Here's a solid example of how PhysicsWallah is running Click to WhatsApp Ads campaigns via AiSensy

Example of PhysicsWallah using WhatsApp for Lead Generation via Click to WhatsApp Ads
Example of PhysicsWallah using WhatsApp for Lead Generation via Click to WhatsApp Ads

5. Use WhatsApp in your email signature and on your social media channels

If you have a verified WhatsApp Business account, it is best to share it on all your online profiles, websites, and other advertising materials. If your sales team already reaches out to prospects via emails, their email signatures must include links to your business' Official WhatsApp Business account.

  Image: Source
  Image: Source

If you are already including your phone number, you must replace it with a link to invite people for an intimate conversation on WhatsApp. As soon as they click on the link, they will be directed into a conversation with you on the app, ultimately resulting in effective lead generation.

6. Integrate Chatbot to automate your WhatsApp for Sales & Lead Generation

You can unlock the potential of WhatsApp for Sales and lead Generation by integrating a Chatbot. This 24/7 digital assistant offers real-time lead qualification, ensuring you connect with the right prospects.

Integrating a WhatsApp Chatbot is the best way to keep your business running 24x7.

A WhatsApp Chatbot acts and responds just like a human agent, understanding & responding to queries instantly.

Reports suggest that a Chatbot can answer 80% of user queries without any hindrances.

It can show personalized recommendations, helping users find the right product & complete sales without human intervention.

Using AiSensy, you can create a WhatsApp Chatbot as quickly as in 10 minutes by simple Drag & Drop functions.

7. Make use of automation

In an era where customers expect prompt service, failing to leverage WhatsApp automation can result in hurting your business sales and lead generation efforts.

For example, if you're a mattress brand like Eachnight, leveraging automation can be a game-changer. You can help potential customers find the perfect mattress by automating the process of guiding them through a short questionnaire about their sleep preferences and physical condition.

Additionally, you can use automation to regularly deliver valuable sleep tips, maintenance guidelines, and advice to customers who have already made a purchase, making their experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

All this can be done by seamlessly integrating a WhatsApp Chatbot as well as connecting your CRM with AiSensy & automating all these notifications on WhatsApp.

Automated WhatsApp notifications made possible via AiSensy
Automated WhatsApp notifications made possible via AiSensy

With just some simple steps, you can set up automated replies in WhatsApp, enabling your sales team to quickly respond to all customer queries. This will make your customers feel valued and improve engagement.

Want to know how this works? Connect with us Now

8. Send messages with Quick Reply Buttons & Call to Actions

One of the major WhatsApp Business API use cases is that you can add clickable pre-defined buttons to make your messages more interactive.

1. CTA (Call to Action) - These buttons are all about getting your users to take an action such as "purchase now", or "sign up". etc. These buttons are extremely useful.

Message with CTA Button
Message with CTA Button

2. Quick Replies- These are buttons that allow your customers to return a message without typing.

For example - you can ask for feedback from customers by attaching Quick Reply Buttons such as: "Satisfied", "Extremely Satisfied", "Not Satisfied".

Message with a Quick Reply Button
Message with a Quick Reply Button

Clicking any button will send a message to the business including the customer's feedback. Refer to the image in the feedback Use Case to view the use of Quick Reply buttons.

9. Send WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns for 3x more conversions

Imagine retargeting a particular audience group that is more likely to purchase your products & services.

Yes, you can now do it with smart Campaigns manager (an AiSensy exclusive feature😉).

WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns allow you to retarget a particular set of users by sending them a WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign.

So, let's say you wish to Broadcast a message on Diwali to those who have:

  • Read your WhatsApp Broadcast Campaigns
  • Haven't read your Broadcast Campaign
  • Read and Responded to your Broadcast
  • Clicked on a button on your previous WhatsApp Broadcast.

You can do this in a jiffy with AiSensy’s WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns. 

Here's an example of WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns:

WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns - AiSensy
WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns - AiSensy

In the above image, we are retargeting users who Read the WhatsApp Broadcast but did not reply. 

Similarly, you can Retarget users based on several more use case scenarios. 

Using AiSensy's WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns, businesses drive at least 3x more conversions & sales while spending less time & money.

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10. Sell products directly on WhatsApp through Catalogues

Over 40 million consumers look through product catalogues on WhatsApp monthly.

Ensure you create it, especially if you’re an eCommerce brand. Add product images, titles, and short descriptions of your best-performing items. Thus, customers can choose what to order without switching to your website.

Using AiSensy, you can seamlessly connect your WhatsApp Catalogues & send product catalogues to users right on WhatsApp. Now, with the introduction of WhatsApp pay to AiSensy enables you to sell your products end-to-end right on WhatsApp.


Proven Tips to Ignite Your Sales on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has indubitably become one of the greatest channels for sales and lead generation. Here are some proven tips that can help you make the most of this platform to connect with your customers.

1. Adapt to the WhatsApp way of conversing

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that people use to stay in touch with their friends and family. If you wish to leverage this platform to reach your audience, make sure you adapt to WhatsApp’s way of texting.

Most marketers may be using long-winded emails with lengthy paragraphs to attract prospects. But for WhatsApp, this approach will not bring fruitful results. Make sure to keep your messages concise. Remember, people don’t want to read long walls of text on WhatsApp so keep the messages less than two sentences. 

2. Demonstrate your brand’s personality

86% of customers claim authenticity as a vital factor when deciding on which brand to purchase from.

Nowadays, people wish to be associated with brands that are honest and upfront about their values. Because WhatsApp is such an interpersonal platform, authenticity and honesty are most valuable when connecting with customers.

Every message from your brand must reflect your unique brand voice. For instance, if your brand is known for cozy and informal conversations with prospects, you can use emojis and exclamation points. This will make your marketing feel like a conversation to ensure optimal lead generation.

3. Analyze WhatsApp’s chatbot data and insights

Data is every business’s most vital resource. Data derived from WhatsApp’s chatbots can be analyzed to identify trends, user behavior and preferences, and areas for improvement.

Closely search for patterns in user interactions and drop-off points. Use this information to enhance your chatbot’s responses and conversational flows. This helps to improve the overall user experience with your brand.


WhatsApp is among the best and most cost-effective ways to generate leads. With its incredible array of features, the platform possesses huge potential for businesses that decide to pioneer it. It has a massive pool of global audiences and a higher-than-average engagement rate, making it a worthy tool for lead generation.

WhatsApp integration by AiSensy offers all the essential features for optimizing lead generation through WhatsApp. With AiSensy, you can set up your WhatsApp chatbot, broadcast promotional offers to unlimited users, and even enable live chat for round-the-clock customer support. 

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